August 27th

Well…running really, really late today and I’m not sure how the morning got away from me…I did have to do the grocery run and put gas in the car but how I got to 9:30, I’m not sure…it was an okay day yesterday and I did get a few errands run so that was something…but no cleaning that I needed to do and I’m not sure I’ll get to it today…I do have to take G to the airport this aft so that will crimp the day somewhat…have to remember to take a bungee cord to hold the trunk down since I don’t think I’ve seen a suitcase small enough to fit without it….I have the tendon pain in my left elbow now and I am getting tired of the crap moving around like that…just wanted to get through a summer without any but I guess when you start getting old you have to just deal with it….not much to do today…I got a pork shoulder this morning and I’m not sure if I want to cook it today or Sat…but there is not much else to do other than stuff around here…more later…

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