Scott Walker and foreign policy?

Well…yeah…I’ll bet you’re laughing just as much as I am with that title…for the transparent one, the guy that says his favorite foreign policy initiative is when Saint Ronnie fired the air traffic controllers…yeah, that’s right…and this idiot thinks that he can take on the world just because he and his cronies screwed the public sector unions in¬†Wisconsin…the last time I looked, the unions in Wisconsin didn’t have an army or nukes….and, if I remember correctly, ole Scott snuck out the back door to avoid talking to anyone that was protesting his gutting of the unions….that’s some bravery right there. What is going to be different about idiot boy’s foreign policy? I’m sure he is just going to tick off the boxes that all of the other repubs have in the campaign…no Iran agreement, bomb Iran on the first day….yadda, yadda…..look, this guy can’t even talk unless it is from the script handed to him by the Kochs so why should anyone listen to him? Can’t think of one reason…geez…

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