The worst and most stupid person in the world…

Well…have been staying away from Trump the past few days since it really pollutes my being to even think about that idiot…but, after his breathtaking stupidity from the past few days, I just can’t stay quiet and not comment. First, this idiot attacks the Muslim mother and father of a young man that was killed in Iraq…and, by the way, they are and were citizens of the US….comparing his “sacrifice” of working hard (which I don’t think he ever has) to the loss of a son in service of their adopted country. I could go on about that one but it is readily available all over the web so I’ll move on to the Donald’s breathtaking ignorance of what is going on in the world….on one of the news shows this morning, the idiot was asked a question about Ukraine and his response was basically that Putin would never attack Ukraine…”he wouldn’t go in there” were the exact words from the idiot…now, I think that would be a surprise to the Ukrainian army who have been fighting Russian troops for over two years now and to the over 10,000 people who have been killed in the conflict. I know the repubs revere ignorance and despise “experts”…but the ignorance this idiot would bring to the presidency should disqualify him from getting anywhere near it….there will be more of this tomorrow…now I need to take a shower….sad….

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