Where were you in July, Comey?

Well…there is a hearing going on in the house today with James Comey on the Russian collusion with trump to throw the election his way….there have been a few things that have come out that are eye opening to say the least….that the FBI has a counter intelligence operation going that involves Russia and the trump campaign and have had one since last July…and that means that they are pretty sure the Russians were using the trumpsters to spy here in the US…and they are sure that the Russian actions were meant to hurt Hillary and help trump…they were not the innocuous “meetings” that trump has said they were but part of a Russian intelligence gathering operation. I don’t see how that is much different from what Comey did before the election…he was trying to throw it it trump, too. But, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a while… a very little while….the worst part of the hearing is the sick display that the repubs are putting on, not even trying to get to the bottom of the Russian interference…they think the Huuuge crime here is that someone leaked that there was criminal behavior going on, not the criminal behavior itself. This is your modern repub party folks…party before country, party before doing the job the American people elected them to do….so much for the party of the supposed patriots…they are perfectly fine that Russia threw the election…just as long as it’s to their guy….impeach…

One thought on “Where were you in July, Comey?”

  1. I’m rather surprised Comey spoke openly about an ongoing investigation. Why now? Did the string of “alternative facts” and crazy ass assertions (Obama ordered wiretap in Trump Tower) become too much for Comey to stomach. Or did he form a conscious after the Clinton e-mail fiasco?

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