May 17th

Well….running a little early again today….haven’t been sleeping well…and have been up since 4:30…so, I guess I should have been here even earlier…..what the heck did I do for 3 hours? Had an okay day yesterday but didn’t get much done other than get resumes out and read the news….that may have been one of the reasons I was up so early…just way too much news….I did get a nice bike ride in and had little pain…but I did take something before I went out and that helped….think I’ll do that today, too….I’ll have to get out on the bike soon, though…the wind is supposed to get up to about 30 later and that is just too brutal to ride in…..I do need to clean today and that will be part of the day for me….the cobwebs are back and need to be gone…more later…..

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