Even Kansas has had enough….

Well…there was finally an interesting article on the debacle that is Kansas’s financial picture and it is not pretty…the “experiment” there of cutting taxes hoping for revenue to rise has found to be the sham that it always was…with deficits as far as the eye can see even after cutting almost every service and not funding the schools there. Tax cuts for the rich only decimated their economy…didn’t make it grow like the idiot Brownback said it would (the repub orthodoxy that the repubs want to try nationally) but essentially killed the economy. But, earlier this week, the dems and some republicans came to their senses and raised taxes to cover the shortfall and fully fund the services that have been axed by the repubs previously…and they even overrode Brownback’s veto of of the previous bill rescinding the tax cuts. So, maybe the repubs in Kansas will set the tone for reality in the national budget…that tax cuts for the rich do not spur growth and will only harm the country…..maybe sanity can take hold outside of Kansas?

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