Keep a cell open for Newt and Rudy….

Well….with the idiot trump and his cronies freaking out about Comey’s testimony tomorrow, another voice is weighing in to try to obstruct the testimony and discredit it before it happens. A super pac that is run by Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich is running ads both online and on radio and tv attacking Comey and and his personality…along with his trustworthiness….now, to me, this is witness tampering at it’s worse…using character assassination to try to obstruct the investigation into trump and his obvious collusion with Russia before and during the election….this kind of thing has never happened in the US before and if it was done in any trial in any court across this country, these two idiots would be hauled before the court and charged….if our system still works, these two should be in court explaining themselves tomorrow…impeach…

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