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More obstruction….

Well….if there wasn’t already enough of a case to convict the idiot trump for obstruction of justice in regards to his Russia treason, I’m guessing after today’s revelations, there will be. I am just loving this drip, drip, drip, of evidence that keeps coming out of just how stupid trump really is…and I had one titled that today even…okay, back to the evidence….it was confirmed today that trump tried to pressure the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and Adm. Mike Rogers, the director of the NSA to deny the existence of any collusion during the election…and both of these guys, being the patriots they are, refused…deeming the requests to be “inappropriate”…and guess what else happened afterwards? Just like the Comey meeting with the idiot trump, Rogers documented the conversations in memos that are now being made available to Mueller for his investigation into trump’s Russia “problem”…sounds to me like trump should just stay in the Middle East….he’s going to jail later in the year here….impeach….

This is big….

Well….I’ve never been a fan of James Comey but it appears he is trying to redeem himself from his interference in the election…today, the NY Times ran a story saying they had seen a Comey memo written after the infamous meeting with the idiot trump where the idiot asked Comey to shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn and Comey refused. As an experienced FBI agent, Comey put the entire conversation down in the form of a memo that he shared with others within the FBI, and these memos are regarded as evidentiary  by the courts…and are backed up by others that Comey wrote during that time that show that trump is clearly trying to obstruct justice and derail the Russia probes. The latest twist in the little story is that Lindsay Graham has invited Comey to testify in public at the senate to go over these developments….just what Comey has been angling for since the idiot trump fired him…..and I was one at the time that said the firing was the end of trump…and it looks like the beginning of the end. Everyone that knows Comey, knows he always leaves a paper trail behind but the trumpistas were just too damn dumb to recognize it…..hope this mess gets Sessions, too, since he was instrumental in Comey’s firing…and that would be obstruction of justice, too…..impeach….

What do they have to do?

Well…no sure if you saw it today, but trump’s asst. press secretary went on national tv and admitted that they fired Comey to end the trump/Russia investigation…yep, they admitted obstruction of justice, again, on national tv and what was the repubs reaction? Yawn…and crickets….so what do they have to do to be held responsible? Shoot someone on 5th avenue as trump bragged during the campaign? I am not surprised that the repubs are doing this since they have shown they have no ethics at all….but, the media has to get on this and start pressuring the justice department to enforce the damn laws……impeach….

Are we a nation of men or of laws?

Well….just listened to Keith and his latest tweetcast and there were a few pertinent points that he made that I want to comment on….I lived through the original “Saturday night massacre” when Nixon’s solicitor general fired Archibald Cox…the special prosecutor who was investigating Nixon and Watergate. A few days after the firing, Cox came out with a statement that included this question: “Are we a nation of men or of laws?” That’s a question that is still pertinent now…are we a nation of men or of laws? Is the president above the law or does he have to adhere to them as the rest of us do? In Watergate, the answer was yes, he does have to adhere to the law just like the rest of us…and I ask the repubs in congress now…does the president have to adhere to the law as the rest of us do? The answer from McConnell yesterday was that trump is above the law, that he will not be held accountable for his crimes…even the latest count of obstruction of justice by firing the person that was investigating him…and I agree with Keith…”you don’t fire the person investigating you…” it’s only happened once before…..and we all know how that turned out…impeach….

Devin Nunes should be in jail…

Well….how very convenient to have the guy supposedly running the “investigation” into trump/Russia in the house, Devin Nunes, be part of the trump transition team and actively trying to derail the “investigation”. If you needed any evidence of that, you just have to look at Nunes behavior today, when he came into some intelligence provided by the IC FOR his investigation and immediately set up a meeting with trump and his cronies to share that information that was supposed to be for the eyes of the committee only. There is  a reason that trump is not being given this information…he is under investigation for crimes committed with his collusion with Russia during the election. Now, at the very least this is obstruction of justice and this idiot should be charged and convicted of it, but what if the investigation included Nunes in his role as trump transition team leader? Where the hell are you on this one Comey? And why is Nunes still being briefed when he is probably under investigation just as trump is? Nunes needs to resign right now….it sure looks like trump is going to have plenty of company in jail…impeach…

Update: As more information comes out, it appears that trump was caught in another investigation that is not the one delving into his Russian ties….so in a different criminal investigation, or when talking to foreign agents under FISA investigation, they have trump on wiretap….Sean Spicer, that doesn’t look better as you are trying to spin it….Obama didn’t tap trump, but he was talking to criminals that were being tapped…spin that one genius…

Watergate, watergate, watergate….

Well…only thirty days in and the trump administration is breaking the law just as much as Nixon did…or even more…the latest revelation is that the wh chief of staff leaned on the FBI to have them say that there is nothing to the investigation into trumps ties to Russian intelligence…essentially trying to quash the investigation and use the FBI as another propaganda arm of the administration, just like Fox news. Now, I have no trust in the FBI and Comey, but at least this time they told the wh to kiss off and stop trying to meddle in an ongoing investigation….the thing here is that one of the articles of impeachment that was levied against Nixon was that he tried to get the FBI to drop the investigation of Watergate and that is obstruction of justice…see any parallels? Okay Jason Chaffetz…is THIS enough for you to get an investigation going? No…I didn’t think so you partisan hack….geez….