The Comey hearing….

Well….watched the majority of the Comey hearing today and came away with a couple of things…the first is that the repubs are still trying to protect trump any way they can but it didn’t work so well in this hearing…it was clear that the idiot trump committed obstruction of justice in trying to get Comey to drop the Flynn investigation and then firing him when he didn’t…and it was also clear that Pence and Session have been lying their asses of about heir roles in the collusion with Russia…but the big takeaway was when Comey called trump a liar…and that he made notes of their meetings since he couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth…..and do you know what Paul Ryan’s excuse for trump’s idiocy is…that trump is just inexperienced and didn’t know he was breaking the law….man, the lengths the repubs will go to to protect their power….they all need to go…impeach….

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