Father’s Day…

Well….had a few thoughts when I was out on the bike today about Father’s day…nothing earth shattering but just some thoughts…it’s been almost 50 years since my father died at only 56 years old…younger than I am now and that has always been strange to me…I wonder if he thought about the same kinds of things that I do at this age? Not sure since I really didn’t know him…with 9 kids, there really wasn’t a lot of one on one time…and you just didn’t talk much back then….I only really remember a couple of interactions with him…once, when I was around 10, he took me to his work at Associated Truck Lines and showed me some trailers that had the tops peeled back from hitting the underside of an overpass…and one other time, I was scheduled to pitch for my little league team and he grabbed a glove and warmed me up before I left for the field…I really didn’t know it at the time but now I remember that I really tried to impress him by throwing as hard as I could…and I could throw back then…until I hurt my shoulder…and I still have that pain to this day. Haven’t heard from any of my four yet today…but, I never wanted for any of them to make a big deal of the day…it’s really just Sunday to me….

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