I am outraged….

Well…have been trying to keep the idiot trump out of my mind today but something I just read has pushed my outrage meter to 13….if you already didn’t know, there was a collision the other day between a container ship and one of our destroyers off the coast of Japan….and there were 7 sailors missing who have just been found dead in a flooded compartment of the ship. What was the supposed commander in chiefs response? This:

“The new Rasmussen poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 election, Just out with a trump 50% approval rating. That’s higher than O’s#’s”…

No sympathy for the families of the fallen, no empathy for their crewmates, just bullshit puffery from the idiot in chief…and this idiot was briefed on the deaths this morning…but just can’t be bothered to think about anything but himself…..if this doesn’t get you as outraged as I am…you must be one of the idiots that voted this idiot into office…impeach…

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