You can probably tell….

Well….have been staying away from the idiot trump for a couple of days and you can probably tell….just don’t want to have anything to do with his tweets attacking Morning Joe…now, the two hosts shoulder a lot of blame for trump getting elected…giving him millions and millions of dollars in free air time throughout the election, and what did they expect? There is no one who has ever come into contact with the idiot that he didn’t attack at some point….so why the surprise? Or the outrage at the lies included in all the tweets? They HAVE met the idiot so they should not be surprised at anything ┬áhe does…studying for the G20 summit? Nope tweeting insults at tv hosts. Trying to understand the repubs horrible “healthcare” bills….nope, going off to golf again. Not only is trump the most stupid “president”, he is also the laziest…if he works more than an hour a day we would all be in trouble….impeach…

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