More collusion or more stupidity?

Well…just read an article on the visas that the idiot trump has been issuing to the Russians….over 150 of them in the past couple of months and the American intel services know they are spies but the trump state department just doesn’t care. Now, the question needs to be asked: is this more evidence of continuing collusion from the idiot or is it more stupidity on his part? None of these spies have been vetted at all…Russia asks and trump delivers…and many of these folks that were given visas were the same ones who were tossed out of the country last year by Obama for spying and trying to meddle in the election…so, I guess the Obama derangement syndrome trumps the safety of the country and the integrity of our elections now….where are you now repubs? What does trump have to do? Give Putin the White House before you act? Get off your asses and remove these traitors….impeach…

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