The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…

Well…as the days go by, okay…I was going to say that “you’d never think that trump could be dumber”, but that’s not true…as this rank idiot reveals himself daily, I know he can continue to get dumber and dumber and I am not surprised how low he is going…with the debacle of the latest European trip still burned into the memories of the world, the idiot’s meeting with Putin and his subsequent announcement of a cybersecurity alliance with Russia, the stupid now is oozing from every pore of this moron. Let that sink in for a minute…a partnership with Russia, on cybersecurity? It is the height of stupidity to trust the Russians on anything let alone the hacking they did and continue to do to our country….and trump’s reason for trusting Putin? He asked him twice if Russia hacked our country and Putin said no twice…and that was good enough for trump since he is just so damn dumb…and repubs, are you now getting to the point that you see this as treason? Get off your asses and remove this idiot before there is no country left…the entire world is laughing at us and it is your fault…impeach….

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