More Russian connections…

Well….it’s starting to look like ole Jeff Sessions is in hot water…again…a while back, I did a post on the surprising settlement of a money laundering case that was moving through a NY court…and that case was being prosecuted by Preet Bahara…who was fired by the idiot trump. Most observers said the Russians were going to lose the case and it was about a week away from going to trial…and the Russians were a little while away from getting a huge fine on the 230 million dollars they laundered….but, the case was settled by Sessions justice department for only 6 million dollars…and no one went to jail for breaking the law…now for the new connection..the Russian lawyer who was representing the money launderers is the same one that donnie junior met with to collude with to get dirt on Hillary. What a wonderful little coincidennce…This shows that collusion with and working for the Russians is still going on with all of trump’s cronies and it needs to be stopped….I hope Mueller has sessions in his sights, too…and it’s not just for the perjury he committed during his hearings….the noose continues to tighten…..impeach…..

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