It’s bribery…again….

Well…now, this little tidbit just came across the twitterverse and I just had to say something about it….last time the repubs tried to destroy peoples lives by repealing Obmamcare, they resorted to trying to bribe a few senators with huge amounts of money that would go to their states…one of those senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is in the line to get those bribes again if she votes to kill people to give the rich tax cuts. Those bribes? This is just too rich…if she votes to kill people, Alaska gets to keep Obamacare….yep, you heard that right…if she votes to screw over the rest of the country, her state gets to keep Obamacare and all of the protections against denial for pre existing conditions and gets to the keep the subsidies that make insurance affordable…and, in the letter to her…ole McConnell made it clear that these conditions only apply to
Alaska…everyone else is shit out of luck….typical repub bullshit…divide the country into little fiefdoms and bribe other repubs into killing people just to say they passed something…I’m still thinking that passing this monstrosity may just be what we on the left need…that maybe the stupid people that keep voting for repubs will stop if they start dying from it….geez….

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