Fusion GPS

Well…just read a great article over on Kos about the transcript of  the head of Fusion GPS’s testimony to the House committee investigating trump/Russia and it is an eye opener….contrary to the senate transcripts that showed that all the repubs there wanted was to try to smear Fusion and discredit Glenn Simpson, the head of the company, the house committee appeared to be really trying to get to the bottom of the scandal. What we have to remember through all of this is that the author of the Steel dossier was working independently as a contractor and the rest of Fusions research was done by Fusion’s employees….and that staff are experts in financial research. What fusion found was that the idiot trump has been supported by and conspiring with mob figures his entire life…starting with the Italian Mafia when he was younger, and when the FBI destroyed the NY mob he was conspiring with, trump moved on the Russian mob…or the Russian government, since they are one and the same thing…all run by Putin. A couple of points that stuck out to me and that I wrote some about earlier was how Fusion discovered that the Russians have been infiltrating conservative organizations across the country, with the NRA becoming one of the money funnels they used to help steal the election for trump, and that almost all of trump’s money comes from trusts set up by daddy…he never has been the “great businessman” that he brags about all the time. What I get from Simpson’s testimony, that comes from public records only, is that there is plenty of evidence to convict the entire trump crime family, and it is only a matter of time until they are all indicted…and that day can’t come too soon….impeach….


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