January 20th

Well…it’s always nice to wake up to a fresh pot of coffee brewing…it’s almost like a smell alarm clock on the days when the coffee brews….slept pretty crappy last night and I am feeling it today….just want to go back to bed but I know that won’t work…just realized something…last year when it was cold, when I started the car it made a banging noise like something in the exhaust was hitting on the floor….but, this year there is no noise and that is a little weird…cars normally don’t fix themselves but I’ll take this one….I did get the car washed yesterday but that is about all I got done….I am going to get more done today…maybe….but, I really don’t have much to do other than cleaning…I do need to take the old bike apart so I can get the new one ordered…Oh, I said that before…and I might not do it today…need more coffee before Man U plays at 10….more later….

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