Just don’t feel like it….

Well…have been thinking about one to do in politics today but I just don’t feel like it…so, I think I’ll just float around in a while and see what happens….I did get a nice ride in today in lightweight thermasuit with a regular hat today and that made the ride much more fun…still had to fight the wind again and that was brutal but I can feel that I am already improving in just the second day…but, my lungs are not happy with me so I guess that will take some time…and I am SORE everywhere so I think I’ll take some ibuprofen later….only two more days until I order the new bike and I can’t wait to get a suspension under me again….even with only being off the bike for a month, I had forgotten how the ride of the old bike is such a bonecrusher….and that makes it hard to go fast since every bump is transmitted right through to my back…okay, need to go check the mail to see if my fed check is here…..

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