Well… the idiot trump show just how stupid he is again yesterday when he call Vlad Putin to “congratulate” him for winning the election in Russia last week….and this was against the advice of every damn person who works on foreign policy in this “administration”…and they even went so far as to put it in all caps in idiot boy’s briefing materials…and now, the so called *president shows his support for a thug murderer who rigged the Russian election, intimidated people who would vote against him, and murdered one of the people who was going to run against him…and the idiot normalizes this behavior by congratulating him…and he doesn’t even bring up the fact that Putin ordered a murder on UK soil of a former spy. When is it enough, repubs? When is the damage to this country enough? All of this damage just so the moron in chief can get a little praise from his master, Putin…who told trump that he is doing a “wonderful job” with the economy and trump ate that crap right up and praised Putin for his “leadership” in the world..and by leadership I mean meddling everywhere, murdering his foes, and screwing with elections across the world….just the kind of thing that trump would like to do…impeach….

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