Good riddance…..

Well…my day brightened up considerably a few minutes ago when it was announced that Paul Ryan is not going to run for his house seat this fall….okay, that’s an understatement…I’m grinning about this and all I have to say is good riddance to the smarmy little granny killer. This idiot has been on the wrong side of every issue…and was instrumental in the great tax scam giveaway from last year where the rich and corporations were showered with money and the rest of us were left with nothing…and, he is going to use the next 8 months to try to gut SS by lying that SS has anything to do with the deficit…when even saint Ronnie of Reagan pointed out that they are completely different funds, and that cuts to SS payouts will only go into the SS trust fund, not into the general fund…so there would be absolutely no effect on the deficit. This is just one of the bits of hypocrisy that this empty suit has foist on the country…to get to the core of Ryan’s lyin…you just have to remember his washing clean pots and pans at at homeless shelter during his campaign for VP just so he could get a photo op…that is his entire tenure…just one big photo op and stealing for the 1%….good riddance….

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