The idiot ignites a trade war…

Well…the idiot in chief did it again this morning when he announced that he is imposing tariffs on basically all of our trading partners including Canada, Mexico and the EU since he delusionally thinks everyone is cheating the US on trade. This is just not true but that doesn’t matter to this idiot…he is so stupid or senile that he thinks that just because he thinks something is true, it is…I really do think he’s mentally ill. While the idiot thinks this is being “tough on trade”, it is just another case of the moron further isolating the US and he’s throwing away our leadership and is getting nothing in return for it. The EU has already responded by announcing tariffs on everything they import from the US and the carnage is going to be widespread here….were talking hundreds of thousands of jobs gone and farmers bankrupt…but, that doesn’t matter to trump…he just doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and his fawning toadies will be heaping praise on this stupid action….impeach….

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