The WH is lying again…

Well…the WH continues to lie about how many people have died from the hurricane in Puerto Rico….64, that’s how many the WH is still clinging to as the number of deaths…but, a new study by researchers at Harvard put the number at almost 5,000. Five thousand American citizens died from a botched response the the hurricane and it’s aftermath and I wonder if that’s by design…after all, look at the terror that trump and his cronies are visiting daily on other “brown” people that are coming here seeking asylum….and these bigots infest the government at all levels so more and more it looks like this terrorism is a feature, not a bug. And the media stays silent, letting these thugs get away with allowing Americans to die just because they were born with the “wrong” color skin…5,000 people didn’t die in Texas, or Florida last year due to their hurricanes…and that should be the subject of every damn cable news broadcast today…more people died in PR than in the WTC and no one in this administration gives a damn….impeach….

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