July 27th

Well…running a little early today with needing to get on the bike by 7:30 to be back here to see F1 practice at 9…slept okay last night but I am still fighting the pain in my neck that I’ve had for a few days now….but, my back is better so I guess that’s a wash….got a few things done yesterday and I hope to get a few done today, too….but not too much….didn’t win the 500 million dollar Mega the other day and that is a little depressing….but, I’m not going to dwell on it…the Powerball is up to 150 million so maybe I’ll try that….I should do one of these on the trail happenings but nothing has happened so that would be a little bit of work….not much to do today….just going to ease into it…not really, need to get on the bike but need more coffee first….more later….

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