Cohen is giving trump up…

Well….haven’t been watching the news lately…have been depending on my normal internet news feeds but sometimes they lag a bit…so, last night I turned on Rachel for a minute and the bombshell of the week jumped out at me…Michael Cohen is going to tell Mueller that the idiot trump was aware of, and approved of the trump tower meeting with the Russians to get “dirt” on Hillary….yep, and that means that there were campaign financing laws being broken and the obstruction case against trump and his idiot gang has just gotten stronger. One of the questions that is still to be answered is who leaked this information? Cohen’s lawyer says they didn’t do it and the only other people who have this is trump and his cronies…so why would trump release it? The only thing that I can see is that trump is trying to damage Cohen, being the spiteful ass that he is…but this doesn’t do anything to lower Cohen’s value to Mueller…and this means that Cohen really can damage trump…hopefully that will end with a perp walk for the idiot in chief….impeach….

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