It’s weird what 500 calories will do…

Well….it was torture on the bike yesterday and I was hoping that it would be better today…and it was…I had been under on calories forĀ  a few days and I can’t remember a ride that was as bad as yesterday…so, I loaded in an extra 500 calories yesterday afternoon and it is weird how much that little bit of food did for my body…had a great ride today with plenty of energy and my hands didn’t even cramp up…so I do need to design an experiment to see if it is from the extra calories or what…all I know is that I don’t want to feel like yesterday on the bike ever again…and, one thing I am a little confused about is the fact that I’m not thin by any means and there should be plenty of energy in my fat stores to power a ride without distress so I guess I need to go out on the net and try to find what the mechanism is…..

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