July 30th

Well….back to running on time today and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing….slept okay last night and don’t feel too badly this morning but I think I was under on calories again yesterday and I am getting really tired of thinking about it…we’ll see how bad it’s going to be when I get out on the bike here in a while….need to get some food out of the freezer to have tomorrow….didn’t get a lot done yesterday and today will be the same with pool this aft but I really don’t need to get much done….don’t have a lot to do….T is going back to work today and I am a little worried about her…hope it goes okay…the car is back to not starting and I think I may have to start using the battery disconnect switch again…can’t wait to have a garage to work on it again….not much to do today…just going to ease into it with more coffee and some news….more later….

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