July 31st

Well…I think I’m on time this morning…but, time really doesn’t exist so who knows? Had a good day yesterday and I won at pool for the first time in a month so that was cool….slept okay last night but struggled to eat enough again yesterday so today may be bad on the bike…we’ll see….I really do need to take a day off the bike since I have been on it every day for 4 months and I could use a rest day…didn’t get anything done yesterday but I do need to prepare some food for tomorrow…have thawed some fish and chicken and I need to marinate the fish to bake…and I do need to get out to run some errands today…my daily deals store has boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for 99 cents a pound and how can you pass that up? And, I need some new, low cut socks from Target so that will be the plan after I work out and ride….more later….

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