November 26th

Well…I know I’m really late this morning but there is a reason for it that I don’t know if I should share…it’s a family thing, extended family really but that doesn’t make it any easier. You know how I struggle with the balance of privacy for my family and friends and wanting to share this weird life…so, I’m going to have to think about this for a while..

I did have a nice Thanksgiving with my boys, made a great turkey and the rest of the stuff and we had a hoot just talking for a few hours…they are all so thin and good looking, but even the youngest one has the starting of gray hair at 23…but, at least they all have lots of hair so maybe they won’t suffer my fate…and, they all went in on a present for me.. a cool little device called a Roku that wirelessly streams Netflix and other stuff to my TV…I guess they couldn’t stand that I was watching that stuff on my computer when I have a perfectly good tv…tried it out and it is pretty neat….they said they wanted to move me at least one foot into the 21st century…more later…

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