Let’s talk about START…

Well…the good ole boys in the repub party are at it again…this time opposing the newest START treaty (strategic arms limitation treaty) for the only reason that they can…not for any lack in it’s merits, or for any credible policy differences…in fact it’s a better deal and has one thing that that the repubs were just SO hot for when the bushies ran the show…a credible missile shield for Europe that the Russians were adamantly opposed to in the last round. Across the world, our allies are speechless when asked about the repub opposition…they all know how good a deal this is for them and can’t understand the stupidity of the repubs in holding it up. What happened to the tradition that stood us so well for the last 200 years…that politics stopped at the waters edge and our internal differences were kept in private? That we wouldn’t give the rest of the world an edge by showing that we did have foreign policy differences? It just shows that the repubs don’t give a damn about what is good for this country, the only thing they care about is political gain and ruining the chances of Obama to accomplish anything…even when the safety of the country is at stake. By senator Kyl and his ilk holding up this treaty, and taking away our ability to verify where all the nuclear material in Russia is, he, and the supposedly security conscious repubs are again exposed for the lying, political opportunists they are. They have made it easier for our enemies to get the weapons of mass destruction that they have pledged to use against us and have cynically made us less safe.

When do we get the adults back in charge again? Geez….

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