November 28th

Well…It’s been a little more difficult than usual having something to say lately and I really don’t know what the problem is…but I’m going to keep trying until the block goes away….and you’ve seen this before so you shouldn’t be surprised, I’m not but that is because I’m the one that has to live inside this head….and it gets scary in here at times. But, that is another topic for another time. I am getting to really like the Roku my boys bought me…listening to Pandora right now and the last two days have been lots of streaming movies, tv shows, etc. I can see why the cable and dish companies are becoming concerned…if I could get the Red Wings on the thing, I would cancel the dish tomorrow…maybe after the season is over…it is kind of nostalgic to listen to music Sunday mornings; it takes me back to the days on WLAV when they had a show called “Jazz Brunch” that I would put on and read my newspaper to…I’m still waiting for the first commercial on Pandora…the boys said they have them but it’s been a couple of days so far nothing…I’m not complaining mind you, just musing.

Not a lot to do is going to get warm enough to take the bike out again and I have been watching the temp to see when it gets there….going to make a pork loin in the slow cooker since most of the turkey is gone or I froze it to make the turkey soup that I promised to G….need to get back on the veggie thing for a week or so to make up for all of the normal food I’ve been having…does anyone else get tired of pie? That’s about it for now…have to get the rub made for the pork loin and read the rest of the papers so I’ll have topics for later…I should feel worse than I do today…there were manhattans involved last night….more later…

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