It’s been weird…

Well…with all of the strange things happening over the past few days, I’ve really struggled with working up outrage over politics or really anything; so that’s why you’ve only seen a few of these lately. There is a small bit of one that I might be able to use to get started, though,…with Sister Sarah putting her foot in her mouth once again, this time on the Koreas, I was taken that her reaction to criticism of her gaffe was to tweet about the few times that Obama has misspoken; trying to equate her ignorance and stupidity with Obama’s distracted statements. Really, Sarah? There is not much else to say when the media covers the village idiot with the same gravitas as the president. Does anyone think she’s not running?

Okay….I’ve exhausted what little energy I had…so I’ll come back later and continue…

It’s later….went out for a while to meet up with the twins and V for a couple and to watch Michigan lose…again…to a new place called Farah’s that I’ve never been to…but that is about it for the day…I’ll probable feel lousy tomorrow so there may be a lag in the normal post times…who knows?

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