Some stuff….

Well….have been working on trying to get my BP down over the past two weeks and what I’m doing looks pretty good with my latest test…116/ 74 is not too bad and it is getting to where it always used to be…I know I’ve been talking about health stuff a lot lately but, with getting the knowledge from my tests, it is important to me to finally know if I’ve done permanent damage over the past 16 years…and it appears I haven’t…so far, anyway…so, you can skip these if you want to…probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me but my “life” posts are the same and people still come here to read those…still puzzled with that but thanks…oh, one other thing…as I’ve related here, I have been trying to build credit so I can buy a house after paying cash for everything for the past 15 years…and yesterday, I got a letter from my bank that they are converting my secured credit card into a normal one since I have been so “responsible” with my credit since I got it last November….and the 500 bucks that I’ve had to keep in my savings account will be released in a couple of, baby steps of progress are happening and it’s good to see….

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