September 21st

Well…up early but can’t get started this morning and I’m not sure why….have been good for 11 days now but the cough is bad again and I may have to talk to the doctor next week….slept okay last night but tossed a little more than has become usual but I guess there will be some days that are a little more challenging than others…I did get my BP down to where is should be yesterday and I hope I can sustain it over the long term…the lesions that were treated on my face have turned bright red and look pretty ugly but I know they’ll heal up in a couple of weeks…I did get some work done on the kitchen yesterday and need to do the floor today along with some vacuuming and dusting and just general straightening up…need to really start discarding stuff and find a house in the next week or so…will probably have to go one month off lease that will cost me and extra hundred bucks but that is cheaper than buying out of the lease for 800 and I know I’ll have a house by the end of the year…it’s raining out right now so it looks like a wait until I can get on the bike…had a rear flat yesterday and had to walk back 3 miles but I got a new tube and put the tube protector in the tire so I won’t have another flat this year…I hope….more later….

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