Do they all have to lie all the time?

Well…we all knows that the idiot trump lies all the time, but, do they all have to lie all the time? The latest in the liar contest is the SoS Mike Pompeo who grinnind and laughed his way through a meeting with the rulers of Saudi Arabia that was supposed to be about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a reporter for the Washington Post, but from the behavior of Pompeo and his assistants, you would think they were on vacation…given the photos of them mugging for the camera. But, the worst thing was the lies that Pompeo told after the meeting where he stated that he knew that Khashoggi had “disappeared” but he didn’t know if he was alive or not…now, this is the biggest lie of them all when it was reported this morning that Pompeo heard the tape of the murder while he was in Saudi Arabia and before he lied to the world…and with yesterday’s revelation that trump and his minions knew about the planning for the abduction and murder, they are accomplices in that murder since they did and said nothing to stop it. Is this what the US has come to now? Letting a thug regime murder journalists just to protect trump’s financial involvement in the country? As every revelation of the moral rot inside this administration comes, I find myself more and more disgusted at both trump and the repubs that enable this behavior…they are all culpable in murder….impeach…

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