March 19th

Well…up early again this morning but I’m not going to bitch about that today…maybe tomorrow, but not today….after all, it could get worse tomorrow and I need to save my bitching for those days…I do feel pretty worn out this morning and I guess that is from not getting too much sleep for months now…I did work out yesterday and it is a little comical how much noise my shoulder makes after not doing it for a few days…I think I’ll try that again this morning since I want to see if it will tolerate more weight work or if I do need to alternate days off…I did take the bike off the trainer yesterday and may have been a mistake since the weather report has changed overnight with the highs being lower than they were….so, instead of shorts, I’ll be going out today in a light thermasuit and gloves but I will be able to avoid a stocking hat and that makes the ride for me….I guess I can put the bike back on the trainer but I’ll lose any mileage I do indoors since I am not going to move the computer back to the back wheel…I’ll just have to miss the indoor mileage or skip the rainy days altogether…we’ll see…didn’t get a lot done yesterday but convert the bike and get the workout in and today will be much the same…I am going to have to figure out what to do with my mornings now that I am going to be riding in the afternoon and that may add to my boredom but who knows? More later…

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