It’s all pretty simple…

Well…if you’ve seen the news at all lately, you’ve seen the idiot trump’s meltdown over the weekend and everyone is trying to figure out why now? I have an idea and it appears to be connected to the latest bombshell that Deutsche bank is being investigated and is cooperating with at least two congressional committees, and various NY prosecutors who are looking into the trump attempt get Deutsche to lend him money to buy the Buffalo Bills. The undercurrent here is that trump regularly inflated and deflated his net worth to get loans and not pay taxes and that is part of what is going on…but, the big question that came up yesterday in the news was “why did Deutsche Bank continue to loans money (to the tune of over 2 billion dollars) to idiot boy after the had already defaulted on at least one loan from them along with a bond issue that Deutsche underwrote? Now, I think it’s all pretty simple why they did it…the Russian oligarchs who were using Deutsche to launder money made them a boatload of cash while doing it told them to…and trump was one of their most important conspirators here in the US and the Russians needed to keep him afloat to continue the scheme…after all, if he went bankrupt again and lost all of his properties, the new owners probably wouldn’t allow the Russians to continue to buy condos etc. which is the preferred method of laundering money into the US. So we really do know why trump is freaking out…the noose is closing and he knows it…and there is not a damn thing he can do about the state charges of bank and income tax fraud that he is staring down the barrel at…cripes, at this point, the Mueller investigation is looking more and more like it just may be irrelevant in taking down trump…it will be nice for understanding how the Russians stole the election for trump, but not necessary to ensure that trump spends the rest of his life in prison after he is gone…impeach….

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