First ride outside…

Well…with the weather’s gradual change and it being warm enough melt some of the snow, I finally got out on the trail for an outdoor ride today and it was a little weird being out in the elements again….and actually moving with the bike was a little unnerving at first…it’s seems like I need to reprogram my balance since doing over 500 miles with the bike anchored to the trainer has regressed it to the point where I have to think about it….I found myself sliding back into not paying enough attention to the hazards on the trail since I didn’t have to really pay any attention at all riding indoors…with that said, one good thing that made me laugh a little was that it was much, much easier to ride with the bike moving…even on my long uphill sprint it was still easier than the lowest resistance setting on the trainer and my legs felt supercharged through the entire 12 miles…one thing I had forgotten was the effect of the wind…crosswinds almost caught me off guard a couple of times and pushed me around a lot…something that I think will get better as I get out there more…I really do like the effect of riding outdoors and being able to see some things for a change….I hope the weather cooperates and that can continue….

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