April 28th

Well…I can walk this morning! My right big toe hurt so bad when I got up yesterday that I could barely walk and I know it was from how contorted I sleep at times…tried not to do that last night and the pain is almost gone this morning so that is cool…I still have the low level pain in my legs from all the riding last week but that’s manageable and is not going to keep me off the bike today…but, I am going to have to wait to go out since it is still in the low 30′s right now…even had to scrape the windshield on the car this morning since it had snow on it…ick…sure hope it’s the last time I have to do that…didn’t get much done yesterday but cook and today is a leftover day so no cooking…but that leaves me with way too much time on my hands so I guess I’ll clean some later after I have my coffee and read the news some…there is lots of sports on starting with soccer in a couple of minutes and then F1 and the napcar race this afternoon…oh, and Man U plays but I am not excited about that with how crappy they have been playing….more later…

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