Yow, Kansas!

Well…not sure if you noticed, but the supreme court of Kansas just stunned me and almost everybody else when they ruled that their state constitution protects bodily autonomy..and that means the absolute right of a woman to control her body and terminate her pregnancy. The cool thing about this ruling is that the determined that there are “inalienable rights” that are immune from government intrusion and that self determination and control of ones body is one of those rights…but the ruling didn’t stop there…it determined that all individuals are free to excise personal autonomy and are free to make choices about how to conduct their own lives. One of the parts of this ruling that I find most heartening is that it is not reviewable by the US supreme court and the right wing ideologues who have been installed there by McConnell…so this ruling affirming personal rights can’t be reversed by the legislature, either…so the repub assholes who live for taking away women’s rights to control their own bodies made a huge miscalculation by trying to make them second class citizens in Kansas and the court slapped them down….now, let’s hope that this ruling will be a challenge to the rest of us to do what we can to protect the rights of our sisters, daughters and friends…and of all women by voting the repubs out in 2020…

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