April 29th

Well…I think I’m about on time today with getting up at about 5:45 and not even trying to go back to sleep…I mean, what’s the point? I even went to bed late last night and that may be why I’m feeling a little worn out today…well…not a little…a lot worn out and I’m not sure why today should be any different from any other day…at least my toe doesn’t hurt anymore so I guess that’s progress….it looks like I won’t be getting on the bike today with the rain starting in a few minutes and forecast to continue all day…and, it’s going to be cold, too and that’s a combo that I just don’t want to endure anymore…so, I think I’ll do a complete clean up on the bike since it was so greasy and dirty when I worked on it the other day…going to use some dish soap and let it soak for an hour or so to get the shifter and sprockets clean…didn’t get a damn thing done yesterday but I will clean some and cook this afternoon…have some chicken that needs to be used and have the rest of the fixings for another pizza that I’ll use tomorrow….won’t put garlic on the next one…used a small clove chopped for the last one and the garlic taste was just overwhelming…not right for a pizza…more later…

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