January 12th

Well…yeah…it is weird for me to be here this early on a Sunday morning but I got up early and it’s still too early to go out for the paper so I thought I’d come here and do this while I wait…I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a weather forecast so far off as the winter storm warning from yesterday…not that I’m complaining that we didn’t get smothered in ice and snow but damn, I actually was worried and did some prep for losing my power for a day or so and just got a dusting of snow and a little ice so I’m sitting here in the warm with a quiet furnace and will have a stress free Sunday….didn’t sleep too well last night and that damn cold is still hanging on so I think I’ll make this a veg day and just watch some sports….I did have a couple of cocktails last night but two days in a row is enough and I’ll get back to being good tonight…I kind of like getting up and feeling good…or as good as an old guy can feel…I may even be able to get back out on the bike this week since there are going to be a couple of days in the 40′s before the cold comes back for the rest of the winter…will take a look at the trails tomorrow but with the rain, the flooding will be back and I may just have to do a street ride…not much to do today…going out for the paper in a minute and soccer starts in a while but I am going to ease into it with more coffee first….might even have to run the french press for more today…we’ll see….more later….

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