That was a waste…

Well…do you have any ice where you are? If this is the worst ice storm in 20 years, I’ll take it any time….the roads here are clear and there is a little ice on the trees but that is about it…so I guess the prep, what little I did, was a waste of time…but the forecaster are now saying  “wait for it”….the bad stuff is going to start at 8 tonight and we are going to have snow/sleet to the tune of 3/5 inches overnight…but, I just looked at the radar and I just don’t see it unless it just pops up out of nowhere…which it can do here in Michigan so we’ll see….but the inch to inch and a half of ice is just not going to happen so I think my power will be just fine…I did get annoyed with the noise coming from the furnace blower so I did work on that today so I don’t feel too bad about being lazy…went the completely opposite direction with the belt adjustment and left it loose along with leaving the adjustment screw loose as well and it is almost quiet now…at least the banging is gone which is just so counter intuitive that I am still thinking about it…but, I’ll take it…still feel like I have a damn cold, though….

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