Let’s try something different…

Well…sitting here trying my best to avoid doing any work today so I thought I’d do another one of these…but nothing political…just noodling a little to try something different…I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I didn’t talk about idiot boy for a while and I know I don’t mind talking about something else….I didn’t win the powerball last night and that is a little disappointing…and the weird thing is I really do expect to win it at some point but it appears I’m running out of time….have it all figured out in my head how I’ll spend the cash but I don’t spend a lot of time on it…just something fun to think about…I think I bought way too much chicken this week with buying two trays of thighs at Meijers so I guess I’m going to have to freeze some of them or drag the instant pot out to cook some of them…maybe I’ll do that tomorrow but I just found a pasta recipe that uses cream cheese instead of parmesan that I want to make….I guess you can’t call it Alfredo sauce but with onions, garlic, olive oil, marinara, pasta water and crushed tomatoes with the cream cheese, it still sounds good to have over fetucinni… and Meijers has cream cheese on sale for a buck this week so I think I’ll give it a try after I do the grocery run on wed….I’m not sure how successful I’ve been with not spending any money after I did just do the math of how much I owe this month…over 800 bucks? Okay, 240 of that is for food and a hundred is for the winter taxes that are due next month but I still have almost 300 bucks that I owe on the credit cards for the month so I guess I’ll have to try harder…I did get my electric bill down by 20 bucks but it’s still a hundred bucks…yow…I did have to buy some stuff for the downstairs project on the cards that won’t show up until next month but that is only 64 bucks and I really needed to spend that money…so, I will need to stop using the card completely until the 4th week of Feb…actually the third week of Feb…need to get my balance up and the only way to do that is to not spend…so I won’t….no cocktails will help with that….okay, I’m done for now…need to get some work done….

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