January 13th

Well….running a little late today and part of it is this damn cold that has been hanging on for what seems like a month now…still coughing and have no energy at all and that makes it hard to get going…but, I’m banking on the coffee helping here in a few minutes or it’s going to be a long morning…it’s going to be a long morning anyway but that’s pretty normal right now…I did get some work done yesterday with taking the huge headboard/bookcase apart and getting it moved up into the attic and will get the rest of the tables etc. moved today so I can get started on the repairs and painting….I am going to get a bike ride in today just to see what the trails look like…not sure if we got enough rain to flood them again but we did get enough snow/ice to screw the trails up so it may be a road ride today…I do need to clean today but I have leftovers so there won’t be any need to cook but I am going to drag the instant pot out and do some chicken tomorrow…haven’t used it since I moved in here and I really like playing with it…have to remember to over spice the chicken since pressure cooking seems to need it…and I need to put the rest of the chicken in the freezer later this morning to stock it up…I really should be taking things out of the freezer instead of putting them in…oh, well….more later….

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