Something lighter…

Well…have been doing so much doom and gloom over the past few weeks that I am getting tired of it and you probably are too so I’m going to do something a little lighter today. When I was out on the bike yesterday, I had to take a detour onto the roads since the trail was being repaved and during that detour I ran across a small snapping turtle that was trying to cross the busy road to get from the park to the river…at first, I rode by and just looked at it but then it dawned on my that there was no way that the thing would get across the street safely so I turned around, dropped the bike, and walked it to the other side….I really couldn’t figure out how that little thing had gotten to where it was….the nearest water was the Grand and that was almost a hundred yards away while the nearest water in the park was twice that far and over a hill that has to be 50 yards high….at the speed the turtle moved, it would have taken him months to get there….I wonder if he was coming from the river side? that would suck if I was the turtle….

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