September 24th

Well…what a crappy start to the morning…forgot to get the coffee ready and set the timer last night so I had to do it this morning while I was sleepwalking trying to wake up…and I’m running late too, with not getting up til after 6:30 and having a fitful night of sleep with no dreams at all…and my butter is rancid after I bought a baguette yesterday so I have to go out and get more right after I write this one and that is something I just don’t want to do feeling so crappy…oh, well…I may get another tray of 99 cent pork chops too, just to have some in the freezer…I did get two mice in the traps yesterday and I didn’t feel bad at all for getting them…they had been making a mess in my garage and chewing holes in everything so they had to go…and I re-set the traps overnight to make sure I got all of them…man, my forearms were sore yesterday after abusing them putting the awning back up and I could barely move them last night but they seem better today….miracle ibuprofen….I need to take some time off now that I have the outside of the house finished….just worn out and need some time to recharge so I think that will be the plan today…I haven’t taken a day off in forever so I think I’ll start my weekend early and just ride the bike and veg today…I do have to mow the lawn but that will be all for today….more later…

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