Nope, nope, and nope…

Well….don’t repubs ever get tired of stealing from the American taxpayer? Just this morning, a rep from Texas was on one of the morning shows, when Dana Bash asked him about the egregious price gouging that was going on with both the electricity and gas markets in his home state that have left hundreds of thousands of people with 10,000 dollar electric bills for one week…due to the unregulated power markets that are a feature of Texas….and this idiot had the gall to say that they don’t have to worry about these astronomical bills since FEMA is going to have money to pay them…and my response is nope, nope, and nope! These bills are all fake and don’t reflect any increased costs for any of the power companies but is the result of power companies buying laws that gift them the power to outright steal in the time of increased demand and there is no damn way that FEMA or taxpayers should be paying for what is just an accounting entry…and giving billions to the power company owners…hey, I have a better idea, why not just re-calculate the bills at the normal rate? These thieves should not be rewarded for rigging the system in their favor…now we all understand why Texas wanted to keep it’s power system separate from the national grid….so cheap power from the rest of the country couldn’t be sent to meet increased demand…and to keep the system rigged so a few get rich while the rest of the state pays…not one damn cent of FEMA money should go to these assholes….

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