February 22nd

Well….ick…up at 4:18 this morning and couldn’t shut my brain off to get back to sleep so this is going to be a long day…not too sore this morning even with moving a lot of stuff into the living room yesterday and getting it ready to move….and, for the first time in my life I feel like I’m losing my capacity to do the physical labor of moving…I guess I just feel old and the stress from getting all of this stuff done is wearing on me a lot…and this next week is going to be a sprint until I get moved Sat….I need to get out to get the down payment check from the bank this morning but I need to shovel the driveway first since it snowed last night…and then I need to pack the car since I am going straight out to the house after I close at 9 tomorrow morning….then lots of cleaning and moving for the rest of the week…and I need to shovel out the area in front of the garage at the new house so I can get my car in it if the door will work with the broken cable…..don’t want to leave it on the street and the bumps are too bad to get it in the back yard…..but right now I need more coffee and to wait for it to get light so I can shovel….and this time it’s warm enough that this is going to be pretty heavy snow so it may take quite a while so I don’t hurt myself and I can’t move….more later…

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