September 11th

Well…6:24….that’s all I have to say about that….think I slept okay but I’m still tired and I still have paint on my hands from painting the inside of the door frame on the back door…but that’s done now and I have three more to do….but two of them are on the inside so they could wait til winter if I want….there are lots of sports on today so it could end up being the second day in a row with only one ride but I may be able to get the second one in after Man U plays at 10…and that will put me out around noon but that’s okay…I really do need to get as many rides in as I can before fall comes and the temp keeps me off until the afternoon….but, it’s still dark out there right now so I’ll have to wait til around 8 to get out today….didn’t get much done but the painting yesterday but I do need to start taking the sunflowers and the garden out today so I can put the stuff out Monday….and I need to water the lawn today since it’s not going to rain until Tuesday when Tom is coming out with his equipment and I am going to get the rest of the stuff done outside and the house will be ready for winter….think I’m not going to buy a snowblower this year….need a winter out here to see if I really need one so it will be shoveling all winter…I did it last winter with a long driveway in GR and all I have here is sidewalks so it may not be too bad….we’ll see….not much to do today…just lots more coffee until I get out on the bike around 8 and then some cleaning…maybe…not sure yet….I would like to take a day off sometime and it may be Wed of next week….more later….

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